Climate Action Programme lecture: "Climate Edu-Action!"

14 December 2023 12:30 till 13:45 - Location: TU Delft CEG hall D | Add to my calendar

“Climate Edu-Action!”
14 December, 2023

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The TU Delft has committed to harnessing its strengths for climate action. The complexity and urgency of the climate crisis requires not only accelerated innovation and research, but also education that empowers the next generation to face climate challenges head-on.
For that reason, rather than talking about students, we discussed with students what climate action education should look like. Together with a student panel, Hans Hellendoorn, Linette Bossen and Saskia Postema tried to answer the following questions:
• What do you want to see in terms of a climate curriculum? What topics or content appeal the most?
• What is needed to achieve the further integration of climate into the curriculum?
• What would be the right space/timing to bring climate action into education?

We want to thank the student panel: Nathan Van der Borght (Climate Action Programme); Jonne Eland (Energy Transition - Talent in Learning Communities); Puck Wijnia (GreenTU); Ties van de Camp (Energy Club); Javier Trescoli Garcia (GreenTU).

And we want to thank Hans Hellendoorn (PVR Joint Education Affairs), Linette Bossen (Learning Communities) and Saskia Postema (Challenge Based Education) for organizing this event.