SHErobots Cafés: Drones & Touch

29 February 2024 12:45 till 14:00 - Location: TU Delft Library, Main Hall | Add to my calendar

Please note: SHErobots Cafés will consist of demos, talks, and Q&A from 12.45 – 14.00h with free lunch for registered guests in the Main Hall of the TU Delft Library (unless otherwise noted).

The SHErobots Cafés switches gears for the remainder of the series to spotlight female researchers Salua Hamaza (AE) and Yasemin Vardar (ME) from the TU Delft. The subject for this event will be Drones & Touch.  

Join to learn more about the future of drones and haptics defined by these inspiring researchers working here on campus.


Salua Hamaza Mini Bioacoustics Drone + Whiskered Drones
Yasemin Vardar     FeelSurf & FeelDEMO

About the researchers

Salua Hamaza is Assistant Professor in Aerial Robotics & Director of the BioMorphic Intelligence Lab at TU Delft, Netherlands. Her research focuses on the development of compliant aerial robots capable of interacting physically with objects and the environment. Her robotic solutions take inspiration from biological systems, leveraging compliance in hardware and software to advance versatility and autonomy in interacting drones.

Yasemin Vardar is an Assistant Professor in the Cognitive Robotics Department at the Delft University of Technology, where she leads the Haptic Interface Technology Group (HITLab). Her research focuses on leveraging our knowledge of the human sense of touch to create natural, compelling, and personalized haptic interactions in virtual environments, which can be utilized in communication, medicine, education, and human-robot interaction applications.