SHErobots Cafés: Robotic Building

On International Women's Day!

08 March 2024 16:00 till 18:00 - Location: TU Delft Library, Main Hall | Add to my calendar

Please note: this SHErobots Café will consist of demos, talks, Q&A, and a complimentary borrel to follow from 16.00 – 18.00h for registered guests in the Main Hall of the TU Delft Library.

The third SHErobots Café will have a special format in honor of International Women’s Day. End your day by celebrating with us! Henriette Bier (BK) and Mariana Popescu (CEG), two inspiring researchers from the TU Delft are sure to update your notions on building with robots!


Henriette Bier Multi-agent Robotic Building (Rhizome 2.0 )
Mariana Popescu    Prototypes of 3D knitted textile frameworks
Multi-agent Robotic Building (Rhizome 2.0)
Prototypes of 3D knitted textile frameworks. Credit: Phillipe Block

About the researchers

Portret Henriette Bier

Henriette Bier is the initiator and leader of the Robotic Building lab at TU Delft, associate professor in Architecture, and founding member of both the TU Delft Robotics Institute and the international network, Adaptive Environments. She focuses on advanced computational design and robotics integrated into buildings and building processes.

Mariana Popescu, assistant professor of parametric structural design and digital fabrication in the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, is a computational architect and structural designer with a strong interest in innovative ways of approaching the fabrication process and use of materials in construction. Her area of expertise is computational and parametric design with a focus on digital fabrication and sustainable design.

Portret Mariana Popescu
Photo credit: ETH Zurich / Matthias Rippmann

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