Admission requirements

 European Wind Energy Master

We are happy to see that you are interested in joining the European Wind Energy Master!

Then it is now time to explore if you meet the requirements. First, you have to fulfil the general requirements of TU Delft (Bachelor Degree and GCPA & English Language Proficiency, valid for all EWEM students), then the EWEM specific requirements and finally the Track specific requirements (see below).

While reading through the EWEM and Track specific requirements, please do not feel discouraged to apply if you lack one or more requirements (e.g. none of your courses mentions the required working knowledge). Please use then your application (motivation letter, CV, additional information on the content of your courses) to describe and proof that your expertise is sufficient. Your application will then be assessed on an individual basis and admission might be considered.

The admission requirements are split in three categories:

Please note that the lack of one or more of these requirements will be weighed against the other qualifications of the applicant, and possible admission might be considered.

Overview required documents

For more information, please visit If there is any discrepancy between this overview and the information on TU Delft’s website, the latter is applicable.

Documents Explanation Remarks
Diploma + translation An original or certified copy of your bachelor's diploma and official translations when necessary. Check track specific requirements
Transcript + translation An original or certified copy of your official academic transcript(s), front and back, in the original language and official translations when necessary. The transcript should include your GPA. Please make sure to upload information regarding your university's grading system with your transcript.  
English Language Certificate   Check requirements by TU Delft and EWEM
Motivation letter A clear and relevant essay in English (1,000 - 1,500 words) including information on your chosen profile/specialisation within your track (if applicable) Check TU Delft requirements
Curriculum Vitae An extensive curriculum vitae (resume) written in English.  
Valid passport (all relevant pages) or valid European ID card (both sides) Your passport or ID card must be valid at the time of application  
Residence permit   if applicable
Additional documentation proving working knowledge If the course names in your transcript do not explicitly mention the required working knowledge, please provide additional documentation as appendices to your CV.