TP | For prospective students

We welcome BSc and MSc students from MST/CE and TN/AP to do a thesis project in Transport Phenomena. We offer experimental, computational and theoretical projects on a broad range of topics.


Your background

Doing a BSc thesis project at Transport Phenomena
A BSc thesis project in Transport Phenomena is right for you if you have enjoyed and successfully completed the undergraduate Transport Phenomena course.

Doing a MSc thesis project at Transport Phenomena
MSc students should preferably have elected and successfully completed advanced Transport Phenomena courses.


Experimental projects

Your thesis project can be of a very fundamental nature, or geared towards practical applications, or more design oriented. In the Transport Phenomena laboratories you will have access to state-of-the-art experimental facilities.


Computational projects

For a computational project you will have access to high-performance computing facilities.


Research areas

You can read about our research areas, shown below, to find the topics and supervisors of your interest. Think about what kind of project you are interested in before you contact a prospective supervisor. Then make an appointment with the supervisor(s) of your choice to discuss the possibilities. It is wise to contact us approximately 2 months before your intended thesis project starting date.


Transport Phenomena in the Human Body

Multiphase Transport Phenomena and Membrane Technology for Renewable Energy

Transport Phenomena in Materials and Food Processing

Wind, Pollution and Crowd Behaviour in the Built Environment

Multiphase Transport Phenomena and Membrane Technology for Clean Water

Green Process Design
(for MST/ChemE students only)