TU Delft OPEN Publishing is a university publisher for high-standard publications on subjects relevant to TU Delft. We offer a community-driven and an open access communication channel. TU Delft scholars are at the heart of our services. We listen to their needs and we value their input, and as a result offer tailor-made, professional services. We explore new forms of scholarly communications, providing innovative and trusted home for journals, books and textbooks. 

Our publications are peer-reviewed or, reviewed by a committee or a pool of experts including traditional as well as open peer-review and post-publication commentary. TU Delft OPEN Publishing is a local initiative, innovative and affordable university publisher, working in co-creation with our researchers and teachers. Driven by the ideals of Open Science, TU Delft OPEN Publishing adds value to both research and education, interconnecting science at TU Delft with society at large.

We follow the principles of open publishing: information is collaborative, transparent and accessible. In this respect, TU Delft OPEN publishing infrastructures prioritize open source software, follow the fundamental principle of reuse, and reduce the intrinsic costs of the publishing process. We follow the ethics guidelines of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). As such, our staff, authors, and editors adhere to the COPE Code of Conduct Guidelines. We support transparent peer review principles of the Declaration on transparent editorial policies for academic journals. Our activities are compliant to the principles of Plan S.

Strategic Goals for the coming years

  1. TU Delft OPEN Publishing will support TU Delft academics in publishing various forms of academic work. It will focus on one or two disciplines to build and focus its publishing programme while maintaining the service in disciplines where already established. 
  2. TU Delft OPEN Publishing will establish consistent development-, archiving- and branding plans across its collection of journals, books and textbooks.
  3. TU Delft OPEN Publishing will facilitate new processes for improved transparency and efficiency of peer review, ensuring high-quality standards as required for different types of publications. 
  4. TU Delft OPEN Publishing will establish a governing publishing board comprising of senior academics and faculty representatives. In parallel, the structure of the publishing team will be re-anchored. 
  5. TU Delft OPEN Publishing will implement a sustainable publications platform and accompanying user-friendly website. 

Check out our multidisciplinary, open peer-review, community-driven platform: