Mission & Scope

TU Delft OPEN offers support, consultancy, and services to scholars of the TU Delft in their journey towards academic and societal visibility, and impact. We use modern publication technologies and distribution means to reach the widest audience and ensure that your work receives the academic credits it deserves.

TU Delft OPEN is a fully open access publisher of the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft). We publish content that is authored or edited by the academics of TU Delft: books, journals, and textbooks, and will expand to include other types of scholarly content such as conference proceedings, dissertations, research data articles, registered reports, and more.

Publishing on TU Delft OPEN platform is free of charge for the institution’s authors. Contributions may be required for specific needs such as design or extensive language editing.

Published content is freely available online to a global audience.

We follow the principles of open publishing: information is collaborative, transparent and accessible. In this respect, TU Delft OPEN publishing infrastructures prioritize open source software, follow the fundamental principle of reuse, and reduce the intrinsic costs of the publishing process.

We strive to make OPEN’s process of creating content, the editorial policies, and the review process transparent to the authors and readers.

All published content undergoes peer review: traditional as well as open peer-review and post-publication commentary.

We align our activities with the policies and priorities of the university’s 2018-2024 strategic framework Impact for a better society.

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Launched in October 2019, TU Delft OPEN is the new publisher on campus and full of potential. Embark on our innovation endeavour. Become one of our first contributors. Contact us! Help us shape our service by sharing suggestions, ideas, and feedback or become an ambassador joining the community of TU Delft OPEN!

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