We do it together

From a basic analysis of possible collaboration partners up to advanced analyses on research topics and trends: we invite you to discuss your questions and ideas with us. So that we can help you along. If you email us via library@tudelft.nl we will contact you to set up a meeting.  

For inspiration please see some examples of joint efforts in research analytics below. The visualizations and analyses provided on this page are a work in progress. Regularly, we improve the accuracy of each study and update the visualizations. We would like to hear your comments or suggestions about each study. Please share your ideas with us.

Example: Brain research at TU Delft
The “AIDA web interface” in action is particularly interesting. This particular interface is used to showcase the TU Delft research on Brain.

Example: Top Research Categories
This pie chart shows the top 20 research categories of TU Delft publications between 2011 and 2016. Read more

Case studies: