We help you to do it yourself

Research analytics toolbox is easy-to-use. Download the Research Analytics Toolbox booklet to find out more. This booklet provides you with the practical tools and inspiration to analyse and visualise data.

Learning by doing
The toolbox should be used in three steps. Step 1 is the data collection step, which will enable you to collect large amounts of data from the relevant databases. The second step is the analysis step, which will enable you to objectively analyze the data using easy-to-use bibliometric analysis tools. Finally, the communication step will help you communicate your findings to the outside world via standard visualization and reporting methods. It is important to consider each sequence of using these three steps as only one iteration of the whole process. Depending on the outputs of the analysis and the feedback received after communication, you should iterate the same steps to make the required improvements.

You can find out how you can use the toolbox directly by adopting the three steps.

Research Analytics Workshop
Regular workshops are provided on how to use the Research Analytics Toolbox or specific tools such as VOSviewer. New workshop dates will be announced soon. 

Case studies: