Data Acquisition and Information Management in Intelligent Transport Systems

Yusong Pang

In transport system, traditional inspection and decision-making require considerable human efforts. To overcome operational problems caused by the lack of domain knowledge of operators the monitoring and control can be automated. However, the applications of intelligent systems in large-scale transport systems such as belt conveyor systems are still in very early stage. In this research the process of developing an intelligent monitoring and control system in large-scale transport systems is studied.

Problem Domain

Today’s transport systems interact with the environment, are highly complex, and are controlled in real time. Classical optimization software tools rely on everything being known; therefore, they are unable to describe the present system characteristics. But software based on agent technology is capable of describing and controlling – in real time – the complexities of modern transport systems.


Agent technology, sensor and transponder technology, distributed discrete simulation techniques, knowledge-based systems.


The research will be verified by applying them to an actual intelligent transport system, for instance a large-scale belt conveyor system.


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