A. (Alessandro) Aleo

A. (Alessandro) Aleo



Alessandro Aleo obtained his master's degree in 2016 in "Quaternary, prehistory and archaeology" at the University of Ferrara (IT). He joined the TUDelft in 2019 for a PhD in the ERC project "Ancient Adhesives: a window on prehistoric technological complexity".
My excavation experiences over the past years in different archaeological sites have increased my interest in everything concerning past human technologies and behaviors. 


Paleolithic archaeology 
Lithic technology 
Functional analysis 


His research is part of the ERC project “Ancient Adhesives: A Window on Prehistoric Technological Complexity”. The project aims to create the first reliable method to compare technological and cognitive complexity in the deep past.
His research project focuses on recreating the life history of (pre)historic adhesives and their tools. The purpose of the analyses is to identify how past human groups manufactured, used and discarded glues, how they dealt with the nature of the different materials, with their mechanical proprieties and with the level of technical ability required for their transformation. The analyses will provide elements for further discussing cultural innovations among past hunter-gatherers.

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