Dr. A. Sioli

Dr. A. Sioli



She recently edited the collected volume  Reading Architecture: Literary Imagination and Architectural Experience  (Routledge, 2018) and is currently working on the volume The Sound of Architecture: Acoustic Atmospheres in Place (Leuven University Press, 2022)


Angeliki Sioli  PhD, is an assistant professor of architecture at the Chair of Methods of Analysis and Imagination, TU Delft. She hails from Greece, where she obtained her professional diploma in architecture from the University of Thessaly and was granted a post-professional master’s in architectural theory and history by the National Technical University of Athens. She completed her Doctor of Philosophy in the history and theory of architecture at McGill University. She is a registered architect and has worked on projects ranging from residential and office buildings to the design of small-scale objects and books. Her research seeks connections between architecture and literature in the public realm of the city, focusing on aspects of embodied perception of place in the urban environment. Her work on architecture, literature, and pedagogy has been published in a number of books and presented at numerous conferences.  Before joining TU Delft, Sioli taught both undergraduate and graduate courses at McGill University, in Montreal; Tec de Monterrey, in Mexico; and Louisiana State University in the U.S. 

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