Dr. A. (Alexander) Wandl

Dr. A. (Alexander) Wandl



Dr Alexander Wandl is an associate professor and head of the Section of Environmental Technology and Design of the Department of Urbanism at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment at Delft University of Technology (NL). He is a steering committee member of Circular Built Environment Hub, TU Delft’s Think Tank, for the circularity transition from the material scale to the region.


Alex uses an extended territorial metabolism approach, integrating methods and tools from urban planning and design, landscape architecture and spatial data science in a multiscale approach to sustainable urbanism. In the last years, his research and teaching focus on the spatial dimension of the circularity transitions of cities and regions. He specifically concentrated on the challenges related to the sustainable development of dispersed urban areas and peri-urbanisation processes in Europe.


As scientific coordinator of the Horizon 2020 financed research project REPAiR – Resource Management in peri-urban areas, he was steering the development of place and activity-based flow and stock mapping methods that were used in spatial plans across Europe, most prominently in the Amsterdam Circular Monitor.


He developed interdisciplinary online, and on-campus education at the master's and professional levels to educate future circular economy advocates on integrating circularity strategies into regional planning and design. 


He is an editorial board member of the journal Planning Practice and Research. 


Please visit for an overview of his publication: research.tudelft.nl/en/persons/a-wandl/publications/


Further information on online courses:  https://www.tudelft.nl/bk/onderzoek/onderzoeksthemas/circular-built-environment/lifelong-learning



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