Dr. B. (Bariș) Çağlar

Dr. B. (Bariș) Çağlar



His research lies at the intersection of the physics of processing, in-situ monitoring, characterization and computational tools to leverage optimization and machine learning techniques. He is conducting research to understand, predict and control the phenomena associated with the manufacturing of composites. His research contributes to the development of efficient processes for next generation smart-composites with reduced CO2 footprint and improved circularity.

His recent research activities include:

  • Development of in-situ techniques for fluid-structure interaction monitoring and their use for understanding dual-scale flow, void formation/transport, deformation
  • (Machine learning accelerated) physics based modeling and optimization of composite manufacturing processes
  • Multifunctionalization of composites for improved thermal performance and sensing
  • Rapid and energy efficient manufacturing via frontal polymerization


Koç University Academic Excellence Award - 2017

Key Publications

  1. Caglar B, Esposito W, Nguyen‐Dang T, Laperrousaz S, Michaud V, Sorin F. Functionalized Fiber Reinforced Composites via Thermally Drawn Multifunctional Fiber Sensors. Advanced Materials Technologies. 2021; 6(3):2000957.
  2. Caglar B, Tekin C, Karasu F, Michaud V. Assessment of capillary phenomena in liquid composite molding. Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing. 2019; 120:73-83.
  3. Daelemans L, Tomme B, Caglar B, Michaud V, Van Stappen J, Cnudde V, Boone M, Van Paepegem W. Kinematic and mechanical response of dry woven fabrics in through-thickness compression: Virtual fiber modeling with mesh overlay technique and experimental validation. Composites Science and Technology. 2021; 207:108706.
  4. Salvatori D, Caglar B, Teixidó H, Michaud V. Permeability and capillary effects in a channel-wise non-crimp fabric. Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing. 2018; 108:41-52002E.


During his PhD studies at Koç University (Istanbul, Turkey), Baris worked on fluid-structure interaction in composite manufacturing processes. He was also awarded a Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship to work on characterization and manufacturing of self-healing composites at the Polymer and Composite Technology Lab at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland). He went on to complete his postdoctoral research at the Laboratory for Processing of Advanced Composites at EPFL between 2017 and 2021. During this time, he worked on projects at multiple length scales ranging from in-situ assessment of flow dynamics in multiscale porous media (fiber to fabric scale) to process development for high volume production of lightweight thermoplastic composites (coupon level) to design optimization of hybrid metal-composite structures (up to component level). As of April 2021, he is an assistant professor at Aerospace Manufacturing Technologies group at TU Delft.

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