Dr. G.A. (Georgy) Filonenko

Dr. G.A. (Georgy) Filonenko



Are you a student with interest in polymer mechanics, photophysics or organic and organometallic chemistry? Do you like building complex setups or programming high-end hardware? You are welcome to join for majors and internships! Check out our flyers at MSE, on Brightspace or just drop by. Both BSc and MSc levels are welcome. We do have free coffee and cookies.


Originally from Kamchatka, I graduated from Novosibirsk State University (2010, Cum Laude, with Alexander Khasin) and got my Cum Laude PhD degree from  Emiel Hensen of TU Eindhoven in 2015. After a two-year postdoctoral tenure at Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (Japan, with Julia Khusnutdinova) I won a personal NWO Veni Grant to start my independent career working alongside Evgeny Pidko and his group. 

In September of 2022 I started the Functional Polymers and Sensors group at Materials Science and Engineering Department in Delft. In FPS, we develop molecules capable of describing internal structure of polymers and tracking their responses to mechanical and environmental stimuli. In this way we aim at understanding polymers, so that designing them could be easier. Check out our Scholar or research page to see how we can image and measure static, dynamic and internal stresses in different performance polymers. In addition to sensing topics, we work on various aspects of polymer synthesis and conversion, making use of our long standing collaborations with experts in catalysis at the TU and around Netherlands.


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