J.A. (Hans) de Bruijn J.A. (Hans) de Bruijn



Hans has developed a broad research agenda over the years, where the main themes are:  - Public policy instruments  - Networks and process management  - Performance measurement in the public sector  - Management of professional organisations  - Impact assessment, the use of scientific knowledge for policy   - Enforcement and inspection  - Framing, the political debate and political speech  - The role of committees of investigation

The most important application domains  - Large infrastructure projects  - Data privacy  - Water and water safety  - Transport  - Urban development

Hans de Bruijn teaches in a number of master's programmes, the most important of which are Engineering and Policy Analysis, Complex System Systems Engineering and Management, and Management of Technology. In addition, he teaches two leadership courses in the honours programme of Delft University of Technology and gives a number of lectures in the bachelor's programme of Technical Administration.

Internationally, he lectures at the Graduate School of the Politecnico di Milano, at the Alta Scuola Politecnico (honours programme of the technical universities of Milan and Turin), in the Challenge Programme of the IDEA League and previously at UCL London, the Technical University Aachen, and ETH Zurich, among others. 

Hans also provides leadership training for practitioners, e.g. for the Shell Project Academy, Trafikverket in Sweden, the Herti School of Governance, the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung.

The topics of his teaching are in line with his research agenda. In addition, he provides skills training for both students and practitioners - including negotiation, pitching and debating.


Hans de Bruijn studied political science and Dutch law at Leiden University and obtained a doctorate in public administration from Erasmus University Rotterdam. Since 1999, he has been Professor of Public Administration at Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management. He is visiting professor at the Politecnico di Milano and previously at ETH Zurich. 


  • 2020-present Member of study supervisory committees Covid-19, Dutch Safety Board
  • 2019-present Member of the Social Sciences and Humanities Sector Plans Committee 
  • 2016-present Member of the Academic Council IDEA League Challenge Program
  • 2015-present Chairman of Discipline Group Public Administration, NL
  • 2014-2020: Member of the Board of the Social Sciences and Humanities, NWO, The Hague (in 2020: interim chair)
  • 2020 Interim Member of the Board of NWO
  • 2016-2018: Vice Dean Faculty of Technology, Governance and Management, TU Delft
  • 2011-2018 Chair Department of Multi Actor Systems, Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management, TU Delft
  • 2015-2020 Member of the Advisory Board of VerDus, national research programme on smart and sustainable cities
  • 2012-2016: Member of the Board of the Netherlands Institute of Governance (research school for public administration)
  • 2010-2014 Member of the Supervisory Board of Sioo

Previous posts include

  • Program Director Governance, Netherlands Institute for City Innovation Studies (NICIS, now Platform 31) 
  • Auditor European Association for Public Administration (review of European programs) 
  • Member of the review committee for public administration education 
  • Member of the investigation team Parliamentary Enquiry into Major Infra Projects 
  • Director of Education, Faculty of TBM 
  • Director of Research, Faculty of TBM
  • Member of the CDA Election Program and Strategic Task Force Committee 
  • Member of the Committee of Inquiry into the Construction of the ADO Den Haag Stadium 
  • Co-dean of the Netherlands School for Public Administration 
  • Member of the AVG Group Advisory Council 
  • Member external review committee Dutch courts and courts of appeal


Key pubs:

Belangrijkste publicaties

The Governance of Privacy. Privacy as Process: the Need for Resilient Governance, Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press (2021)

The Art of Political Framing. How Politicians Convince Us That They Are Right, Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press (2019)

Management in Networks, London: Routledge (2018). Samen met Ernst ten Heuvelhof

Managing Performance in the Public Sector, London: Routledge 

Managing Professionals, London: Routledge

Process Management, Berlin: Springer. Samen met Ernst ten Heuvelhof en Roel in ’t Veld

List of other pubs and h-factor: google scholar

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