L.S.F. Frowijn MSc

L.S.F. Frowijn MSc



Expertise  My expertise lies in the development of hydrogen energy systems and the hydrogen economy from an interdisciplinary perspective and energy transition. I also have experience in techno-economic research, philosophy of science and history of science and technology.

Publication(s)  In December 2021, I published my first scientific paper in the journal Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments. I published the paper: 'Analysis of photon-driven solar-to-hydrogen production methods in the Netherlands' with Prof.dr. Wilfried van Sark.
I am currently working on a paper on a cost comparison of different system configurations for onshore and offshore hydrogen production. I am also researching the emergence of the hydrogen economy as an ideal in the 1970s' of the 20th century.


My name is Laurens Frowijn and since December 2022, I have started working on the PhD project 'Hydrogen value chain development - Integrated hydrogen-energy system' at the Energy and Industry research group at the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management.
I have been working as a hydrogen and renewable energy project engineer at Witteveen+Bos for the past one-and-a-half years. Before this, I completed the research masters MSc Energy Science and MSc History and Philosophy of Science at Utrecht University in 2020.
I live in Utrecht with my girlfriend and two cats. I also enjoy playing football with my football team, playing board games and trying to spend more time playing the piano, but unfortunately I am not very good yet.

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