L.S.F. Frowijn MSc

L.S.F. Frowijn MSc



Laurens Frowijn has been working within the HyChain project on the system integration of (large-scale) hydrogen systems since December 2022 at the Energy and Industry research group at the Faculty of Technology, Policy, and Management.

Expertise  His expertise lies in the system integration of (large-scale) hydrogen into the energy system. He investigates this from an interdisciplinary perspective. Laurens also possesses knowledge in techno-economic research, energy modeling, system costs, and the philosophy of science, as well as science and technology history.

Publication(s)  In December 2021, Laurens published his first scientific paper in the journal Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments. The paper, 'Analysis of photon-driven solar-to-hydrogen production methods in the Netherlands,' was co-authored with Prof. Dr. Wilfried van Sark.

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