Dr.ir. M.W.A. (Maurits) Kok

Dr.ir. M.W.A. (Maurits) Kok



Molecular biophysics, synthetic biology, nanotechnology, Monte Carlo simulations, data analysis, MatLab, Python.


I am a Research Software Engineer and part of the Digital Competence Center.

I have a broad background in the Applied Sciences (Life Science & technology and Applied Physics) and I obtained my PhD in molecular biophysics at the Bionanoscience department. I studied the fundamental properties of bio-polymers and their application in synthetic biology, combining experiments with simulations. 

As an experimental scientist, I am very much aware that data analysis is a critical part of your research effort. Making sure that not only your data, but also your analysis is accessible, easy to understand and robust, will aid your research and the research community immensely. I want to help you translate your data and analysis practices into scientific software following the FAIR principles.

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