O. (Oscar) Oviedo Trespalacios

O. (Oscar) Oviedo Trespalacios



  • Human factors engineering
  • Sustainable development
  • Misuse of technology
  • Digital work
  • Transport safety and security
  • Cyberpsychology


Dr Oscar Oviedo-Trespalacios is an Assistant Professor in Responsible Risk Management. His research and teaching covers the tensions between safety and sustainable development issues such as equity, fair work, and climate action. He has achieved international recognition in preventing the misuse of technology (e.g., mobile phone use while cycling and driving). In 2019, He received the Australasian College of Road Safety’s Inaugural Young Leaders Oration Award in recognition of my impact and reputation in distracted driving research. His research has been widely reported in international media, including ABC, the New York Times, the Independent, the Men’s Health Magazine, and the Washington Post. Dr Oviedo-Trespalacios volunteers in government committees and holds editorial board/editorship positions in leading and high-impact journals such as Accident Analysis & Prevention, Transport Reviews, Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour, & Human Factors and Ergonomics in Manufacturing and Service Industries. He also contributes to several organizing committees of prestigious academic events.  He has held senior academic positions in Australia (Queensland University of Technology) and Colombia (Universidad del Norte).

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