Dr. S.D. (Sebastian) Fajardo Bernal

Dr. S.D. (Sebastian) Fajardo Bernal



  • Social Science Doctoral Dissertation Fellow, University of Pittsburgh 
  • Colombian Institute of Anthropology and History Archaeological Research Grant. 
  • National Science Foundation Dissertation Research Grant
  • Andrew Mellon Pre-doctoral Fellowship, University of Pittsburgh 
  • Field Research Grant, Center of Latin American Studies, University of Pittsburgh
  • Heinz Graduate Fellowship in Latin American Archaeology, University of Pittsburgh
  • National University of Colombia Master’s Degree Research Grant


Sebastian Fajardo (Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh) is engaged in the analysis of long-term relationships between collective action, technological complexity, community formation, settlement patterns, and landscape. He is focused on understanding how these phenomena relate to the creation and sustainability of past human communities, and providing a source of information for long-term decisions of present and future societies. These questions are approached using quantitative and qualitative material analysis, geospatial analysis, soil analysis, network analysis, and computer modelling. His previous research compared the creation, adaptation, and sustainability of  (prehistoric, historic, and modern) human communities in Andean and Caribbean landscapes.


His research at TU Delft is part of the Ancient Adhesives project led by Geeske Langejans. Using ethnoarchaeological and ethnobotanical methods, he will map, model and compare adhesives’ technologies produced by traditional makers located in different African environmental contexts. He will bring together these ethnographic data with archaeological and experimental data collected by other team members in a comprehensive database of production, use, recycling, and disposal of adhesives technologies. This database will be used as departing point for modelling ancient adhesives production complexity.

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