Ir. S. (Silvia) Gomarasca

Ir. S. (Silvia) Gomarasca



Silvia Gomarasca was born in Italy, and obtained her BSc degree in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Padua (Padua, Italy) in 2015. She then moved to the Netherlands for her MSc studies at the Aerospace Engineering faculty of Delft University of Technology which she completed in 2018 with the Novel Aerospace Materials group, working on the study of local polymer dynamics via laser speckle imaging. 

After a period of research work at Deakin University (Geelong, Australia), in 2020 she joined as a PhD candidate the Aerospace Manufacturing Technology group at Delft University of Technology. The focus of her current project is on the microstructural design of unidirectional composites.


Microstructural design of unidirectional composites

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Ancillary activities