Prof.dr. T. (Tatiana) Filatova

Prof.dr. T. (Tatiana) Filatova


Tatiana Filatova (MSc in Information Systems in Economics 2003, Cum Laude; PhD in Computational Social Science & Environmental Economics 2009, Cum Laude), is Professor of Computational Economics at the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management. Between 2009-2015 she joined Deltares as a water economist. She leads the Dutch 4TU Research Program on Resilience, and serves as the Academic Lead of the Climate Change Governance Theme of the TU Delft Climate Action Programme. Tatiana is a member of the Social Sciences Council of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (SWR/KNAW).

I am fascinated about feedbacks between policies and aggregated outcomes of individual decisions in the context of sustainability and climate change. My research line focuses on exploring how behavioral changes at micro level may lead to regime shifts on macro in complex adaptive socio-technical-environmental systems, in application to climate-resilient development My team uses spatial agent-based models, collects (panel) data on households’ pro-environmental choices via social surveys, and increasingly gets interested in how social institutions co-evolve with these behavioral changes (e.g. in the recently granted VIDI project on social tipping points in transformational adaptation to sea level rise). Most of my current work centers around the ERC project that links individual adaptation of households and firms to climate-driven flood risks in coastal cities/regions with macro damage assessments in climate policy models.

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