T. Konstantinou

T. Konstantinou


Dr.Ing Thaleia Konstantinou is an Associate professor at the Department of Architectural Engineering+Technology of the Faculty of Architecture, Delft University of Technology.  She studied Architecture at the National Technical University of Athens and graduated with distinction from the Master of Science programme on Environmental Design and Engineering at The Bartlett School of Graduate Studies, University College London. In September 2014, she concluded her PhD research at the Faculty of Architecture, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands. Her research on the topic of façade refurbishment strategies was part of the research programme "Green Building Innovation". Currently, her activities, related to research and education, focus on energy efficiency, sustainability and circularity, façade design and construction, industrialisation, product development, and integrated approaches to decarbonise the built environment. Over the last nine years, she is the editor of the Journal on Façade Design and Engineering and a member of the European Façade Network (EFN). 

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