Dr. T. (Trivik) Verma

Dr. T. (Trivik) Verma



Trivik is an Assistant Professor at the faculty of Technology, Policy and Management. He leads the Centre for Urban Science & Policy (CUSP) and directs the TPM AI Lab. He was previously a postdoc at ETH Zurich with the Risk Centre and has also co-founded an outdoor adventure journalism company called The Outdoor Journal. In the summers he leads high school student expeditions to remote parts of the world for National Geographic on topics of Climate Change, Animal Conservation and Photography. Trivik obtained his PhD on Human Mobility and Complex Transport Systems from ETH Zurich in 2016.


Trivik's research focusses on tackling challenges of urbanisation in an equitable and just manner. He is particularly interested in understanding the processes that drive and shape urbanisation and reproduce inequalities in cities. He uses methods in spatial data science, complex network analyses and participatory mapping to develop computational tools for advancing the theories and practices of urban science.

At CUSP, Trivik co-leads a transdisciplinary research group developing methods to understand and address challenges associated with urbanisation and inequalities. The group's research strives for embedding equity and socio-spatial justice in our work and culture.

Our themes  
  1.  Urbanisation: We develop and use mixed-methods to investigate how the intersection of infrastructure, governance and networked flows shape the socio-economic dynamics of urban regions.
  2. Inequalities We design computational tools to understand the drivers of social, environmental and economic inequalities in urban regions around the world.
  3. Citizen Participation and Action We use participatory methods and build open-source tools to engage stakeholders, including citizens, in co-creating socially resilient communities for knowledge and impact driven decision-making.

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