Dr.ir. V.J. Cortes Arevalo

Dr.ir. V.J. Cortes Arevalo


Juliette Cortes Arevalo is a Colombian Civil Engineer (2005) with a Dutch Master's in Hydro informatics at IHE-Delft (2011) on group decision-making and participatory modelling. She holds a PhD (2016) from the TUDelft developed in cooperation with the Italian National Research Council, Institute for Geo-hydrological Protection (CNR-IRPI, Padua). Her PhD focused on the participatory inspection of hydraulic structures for proactive maintenance. She worked six years as a researcher at the University of Twente, lectured for one year at IHE-Delft, and finally joined the TUDelft first as a researcher and then as an Assistant professor in 2021.
Juliette’s research and teaching activities focus on the collaborative modelling and integrated management of climate-related hazards in Europe and abroad to increase the resilience of environments ranging from urban to rural, as well as mountain and coastal. She enriches problem definition, modelling, and multi-criteria assessment methods by applying behavioral theories, visual storytelling, serious gaming, and citizen science approaches. 

She further supports knowledge exchange and peer learning between academic, government, and societal organizations by co-designing online and GIS-based tools for multi-hazard collaborative research projects such as Diane-CM, CHANGES, RiverCare, All-Risk, and SHELTER.  She further facilitates capacity building of developing and humanitarian organisations dealing with water, sanitation and hygiene. Overall, she aims to improve the usability and applicability of data-driven and governance tools to address current societal challenges in develop(ing) and fragile contexts.

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