W. Yu

W. Yu



Wei’s research interests include the following aspects:  

·       Wind turbine aerodynamics at multi-scale

·       Wind turbine aeroelasticity

·       Unsteady rotor/wake aerodynamics

·       Design/optimization of wind turbines and their add-ons assisted by machine learning


Wei Yu is a Tenure Track Assistant Professor in the Wind Energy Section at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering. Before joining TU Delft, she worked as a research scientist at TNO, where she has contributed to multiple projects of wind turbine aerodynamics, multidisciplinary design and optimization. Prior to that,  Wei was a postdoctoral researcher in the Wind Energy group at TU Delft for a short period. She received her Ph.D. from TU Delft in 2018.  Her Ph.D. research focused on the unsteady aerodynamics of wind turbines. Wei worked as a research assistant at the Institute of Engineering Thermo-physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences for two years during the Wind Energy Master programme, where she worked on smart rotor control using trailing edge flaps.

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Ancillary activities