Dr.ir. Y.B. (Yke Bauke) Eisma

Dr.ir. Y.B. (Yke Bauke) Eisma



I am currently researching 1) the use of augmented reality for the control of robot arms, 2) gaze contingent (visual) feedback in automated driving and 3) the mathematical modelling of visual attention. My main research interests are: studying new ways of operationalizing visual attention; to model visual attention in a mathematical way and to research how I can apply this understanding of visual attention in designing new ways to control robotic actors.


My name is Yke Bauke Eisma, and as a Human-Factors scientist I have been doing eye-tracking research for over 4 years. My main research interest consists in the quantification of the interaction between robots and humans, and more specifically how to improve that interaction. I have published various journal articles on this topic (e.g. Eisma, Cabrall & de Winter, 2018 and Eisma et al. 2020) and within this context I consider myself an expert in the measurement and modelling (see Eisma, Hancock & de Winter, submitted) of visual attention. Besides eye-tracking, I have interests in various other ways of measuring human-robot interaction. Most recently, this is evidenced by the cooperation between the Amsterdam Medical Center and the TUdelft in a project on the neuronal basis of human-robot interaction by means of an fMRI study.

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