Y.P. (Yopi) Oktiovan MEng MEng

Y.P. (Yopi) Oktiovan MEng MEng



Hi, I’m Yopi! I obtained my Bachelor’s degree at Bandung Institute of Technology and then my Master’s degree at Tokyo Institute of Technology with concentration in the Finite Element Modelling of Quasi-brittle Materials. I worked as a civil engineer at a chemical plant design company in Japan for three years, where I was involved in the rock stability analysis of a Neutrino receptor tank buried 1000 m underground of the Kamioka Prefecture, Japan. I am currently a PhD candidate in the Computational Mechanics group of the applied mechanics, 3MD Department.


My research currently focuses on developing a computationally-efficient strategies for modelling the mechanics of masonry structures. Specifically, I will be working on the development of material constitutive model for masonry structures that considers various types of failures, including crushing, cracking, and shear failures. The material model will be implemented into DEM program called 3DEC and will be validated against experimentally tested results. The constitutive model will be further developed for cyclic or dynamic analysis.

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