Dr.ir. Z. (Zenlin) Roosenboom-Kwee

Dr.ir. Z. (Zenlin) Roosenboom-Kwee


Zenlin is Director of Interfaculty education in the TPM Faculty.

Zenlin's research incorporates the interweaving of technology and society in the context of managing and financing technological innovation. There is a number of values attached to technology and innovation that call for further research, among others the pressing issues of moral values (e.g. transparency, privacy, autonomy, trust) and economic/financial values (cost effectiveness, incentives and profits) that seem to be paradoxical but can be potentially aligned. 

Zenlin has publications in: (1) Blockchain and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs); (2) Responsible Innovation; and (3) Finance, Economics and Strategy.

Academic background

Zenlin holds a Doctorate in Management (Ph.D.) from the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University and a Master of Science in Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management (Cum Laude) from Delft University of Technology.

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