Electives T&P -Transport and Planning


These courses are provided by the MSc programme Transport and Planning (T&P).

In densely populated countries congestion, air pollution, traffic accidents and delays are a daily reality. The electives by T&P offer students a challenging combination of professional practice and state-of-the-art research. Quantitative approaches play a central role. 
We train students to play a central role in resolving such problems. You work on smart ideas to manage traffic flows and prevent congestion or develop public transport systems or infrastructure plans. These topics are often in the news and are high on the political agenda.
Students can focus on infrastructure planning and learn how infrastructure planning is directly linked to economic development. They can also focus on transport planning and learn how to model environmental activities, analyse and translate them into traffic questions in infrastructure networks or how to model peoples’ choices, as well as analyse the influence of transport systems on the choice of destination, the form of transport, the route and the departure time. Alternatively they can focus on the design of transport systems and learn how to design both individual components and complete networks for road and rail infrastructures. Students can also focus on (dynamic) traffic management and learn how to manage traffic flows with e.g. systems for dynamic traffic management or how to describe traffic movements mathematically.


(Additional) rules

You must choose at least one course from this elective course category. You cannot choose courses from your specialisation as elective. If minor CT-Mi-127 was part of your BSc programme, then you cannot choose CIE5816.