Extra individual exam opportunity

Students may be eligible for an extra exam opportunity in exceptional personal circumstances.

  1. If you have exceptional personal circumstances. Examples include:
           º       Illness/reduced study capacity
           º       Death of a close friend/relative
           º       Related disability
           º       Circumstances beyond one's control
  2. It concerns the last course* to be completed in the study programme.
  3. There must also be no more resit opportunities during the next quarter term.
  4. You must have made use of earlier opportunities of taking the exam. Whether you have made use of earlier exam opportunities depends on the year in which you started the programme.
  5. The exceptional circumstances must have been reported (in advance) to the academic counsellor.


* Please check your study programme in MyTUDelft. If, because of transitional measures, results from different courses need to be combined (into one completed course), you should submit a request to SPA-3mE. Please make sure MyTUDelft has been updated before you submit your request to the Board of Examiners.

Discuss the matter with an academic counsellor before sending a request in writing to the Board of Examiners. 

Your request must contain the following information:

  • Name of subject, lecturer, subject code
  • Academic year in which you started the programme
  • Number of times you have taken exams for the module
  • The grades you attained previously  
  • The next exam opportunity
  • The point at which you notified the academic counsellor of the exceptional circumstances
  • Name of academic counsellor
  • Explanation of the exceptional circumstances: please indicate which of the following exceptional circumstances apply:


If you have a disability:

  • A description of how the disability has hampered your efforts to sit the exam.
  • A declaration from one of the following specialists:
    1.       psychologist (or student psychologist)
    2.       physician (or student physician)
    3.       declaration from a hospital

Circumstances beyond one's control

  • A description of the circumstances


  • A description of the situation
  • If possible: a copy of the death announcement or funeral announcement.

Illness/ reduced study capacity

  • A declaration from a physician or psychologist (student physician or psychologist).

PLEASE NOTE:  Requests that do not contain all the above-mentioned information will not be processed.