Academic year transition

On this page you will find information that is relevant to your new course. The information listed below will guide you through the set-up of your course for the new academic year and any steps you might need to take to finalize your new course.

Content has not been copied for all faculties:

  • The course content of last year’s course has not been copied if your course belongs to the following faculties:
    • Applied Sciences;
    • Architecture and the Built Environment;
    • Civil Engineering and Geosciences;
    • Industrial Design Engineering.
  • If you belong to one of these faculties and used Möbius last year, we did copy the course content for you. Make sure you read the information on Möbius for this academic year.
  • For information on how to copy course content yourself, please view the how to copy content page.
  • If content was copied to your course by accident, please contact Teaching & Learning Support.