Explore the entrepreneurial journeys of our current and former students


E-Trailer is a young and fast-growing company located at the Yes!Deflt incubator. In early 2015, Rick Lenssen and Boy Trip started with E-Trailer to apply the knowledge of the winning solar car from the Nuon Solar Team to the trailer and caravan market. This led to the creation of E-Trailer. In the last two years, E-trailer has grown tremendously and became camper and caravan start-up of the year 2017!

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Quantum Energy & Engineering

Quantum was developed by Avishek Goel, Diego Quan Reyes (TU Delft) and Sanne Wassink (Rotterdam School of Management). They won the Dutch CleanTech Challenge and were runners-up at the International CleanTech Challenge in London. The team participated in the 2019 TU Delft Impact Contest and were finalists in the 4TU Impact Challenge.

The problem
Around 4 million people die prematurely every year due to the use of kerosene lamps and other forms of activities resulting in household air pollution.

The Solution
AI smart kettle called GETI generates power from woodstoves to light up houses and charge phones o light a rural household and charge mobile phones for less money than candles and/or kerosene lamps, without pollution.


Background: Rock-N-Roo was developed in 2019 by a team student formed as part of the Health Business Development Lab - the forerunner course Idea to Startup Health and Life Sciences (TPM412). The team participated in that year's TU Delft Impact Contest and were also finalists in the 4TU Impact Challenge and the Philips Innovation Award 2020.

The problem
Not only do babies with Collick cry for hours the affected parents are often sleep-deprived, stressed, and frustrated leading to compromised work productivity

The Solution
ROCK-N-ROO is a non-invasive device simulating Kangaroo Care (KC) to relieve colic and/or flatulence. KC is a parental skin-to-skin technique, clinically proven to improve the sleep-wake cycle, stabilize heart rate and the breathing pattern of the babies.

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The problem
Port Construction and Maintenance plays a huge role in the dumping of sediments and other activities destructive to the marine environment.

The Solution
REEFY, has created a technology that reuses the material from the ports, either sand or mud, to build artificial reefs that can be assembled underwater in a Lego-like structure

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