Staff with expertise in the field of exergy

A few times a year a meeting is organized.

Faculty of Architecture

  • Andy van den Dobbelsteen, Michiel Fremouw, Peter Luscuere
    Application of exergy related methods in energy transition projects such as cold heating grids (KoWaNet,, smart urban areas (Smart Urban Isle, and the European projects CELSIUS ( and PLANHEAT (
  • Laure Itard
    Rational use of energy in the built environment. The assessment, diagnosis and optimization of the applied energy systems.

Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences

  • Hans Bruining, Hedzer van der Kooi
    Use of the concept of exergy for, among other things, low emission conversion of fossil fuels with simultaneous or consecutive storage of carbon dioxide.
  • Martin Bloemendal, Phil Vardon
    Exergy is used to quantify/compare the quality of heat at different temperatures in geothermal applications.

Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Sciences

  • Laura Ramirez Elizondo
    Research in the field of creating a framework/model to analyse multi carrier energy hub efficiency based on exergy analysis. The model will analyse every possible energy conversion in the hub system. In this way, different hub configurations can be analysed and compared. Because of the modular character of the energy conversion steps, a specific hub can be designed, based upon the energy (types) available and demanded.

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

  • Wiebren de Jong, Aravind P.V., Mahinder Ramdin, Burak Eral
    The concept of exergy is used in the field of energy conversion, energy storage, heat transfer and related system analyses.

Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management

  • Kas Hemmes
    Conceptual design of energy systems in which the minimization of entropy production is the leading principle. Specifically alternatives for the gasification of solid fuel are investigated. Many of these designs can be characterized as 'multisource multi product' energy systems.
  • Gijsbert Korevaar
    Research on the use of exergy analysis for the design of industrial clusters and supply chains.
  • Lydia Stougie
    Application of the concept of exergy in the sustainability assessment of technological systems during their life cycle.