Yao-Hua Tan

ICT trade lane think tank

Prof. Yao-Hua Tan (1958) is professor of Information and Communication Technology at TU Delft. He also regularly acts as an expert for the Dutch government’s Top Sector Logistics, the European Commission and the UN and was actively involved in setting up the NWO programme ISCOM.

“Cloud computing and web services are technically extremely complex, and therefore for a techie like me wonderful to be involved with. Moreover, political and administrative issues play a major role, which makes it even more interesting as a socio-technical area of research. In addition, there is also the international dimension, even right up to EU and UN level. If you want projects such as CORE, JUST and SAtIN to succeed, you have to be involved in international forums and participate as an actor. As a university, we have an important supporting role. Together with our other partners in the business and government, we add weight internationally to the innovative strength of the Netherlands. And that is quite inspiring.”