KIVI Annual Congress 2020 – Safe by Design

During the KIVI Annual Congress 2020 - Law, Science and Reality, TU Delft Safety and Security Insitute organised a webinar about Safe by Design in Engineering: illustrations from biotechnology and nanomaterials. Safe by Design is a broad concept that covers a plethora of practices aimed at making safety a core value in research, innovation, and technology development.

In this session, Behnam Taebi gave an introduction about Safe by Design, he described the main dilemmas and future prospects. Lotte Asveld presented applications and challenges of Safe by Design in biotechnology, and Ruud van Ommen explained the main applications of Safe by Design in nanomaterials. Together the presenters emphasized the role of designing for the value of safety.

Behnam Taebi

Associate Professor / Director TU Delft Safety & Security Institute, TU Delft

Lotte Asveld

Assistant Professor Biotechnology & Society, TU Delft

Ruud van Ommen

Professor in Chemical Engineering, TU Delft