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22 januari 2020

Pepper in aktie bij Pieter van Foreest

Geslaagde demo van de muziekrobot voor ouderen tijdens het Symposium Pieter van Foreest in Delft

25 november 2019

Interview with Catholijn Jonker at HumaneAI kickoff

Recently Catholijn Jonker gave an interview at the HumaneAI kickoff in Berlin. HumanE AI is driven by the fundamental Science & Technology challenges of modern AI and the need for fundamentally new interaction methods between AI systems and humans.

18 november 2019

Te weinig AI-studenten terwijl bedrijfsleven om hen zit te springen

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is net zo'n belangrijke uitvinding als elektriciteit of de stoommachine, maar Nederland toont te weinig visie en steekt er onvoldoende geld in. Dat zeggen zeven hoogleraren in reactie op het Strategisch Actieplan AI dat de overheid vorige maand presenteerde.

13 november 2019

Technology on the frontier of race for Global Domination: Cyberspace, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics

I have studied computer science and developed in the area of artificial intelligence and since then pursuing my research with an emphasis on creating support technology and specifically the support of decision making. To a large extend, my aim is to form a debate in the liberation, that is, helping people argue for or against something and in developing negotiating support systems. It helps to think about people’s values. If one talks to people and understands why they have a certain opinion, one might still disagree but also discover that these are descent people, and understand why they choose different from one’s choice. Thus, the Delft University of Technology and several other universities are supporting the idea of responsible AI.

03 november 2019

Catholijn Jonker speaker at Brave New World

On Tuesday november 5th Catholijn Jonker will speak at the Brave New World Conference a Leiden University.