Computer Science (BSc CS)

  • CSE2555 Data Mining

  • CSE3000 Research project


Nanobiology (BSc Nanobiology)

  • NB2161 Bioinformatics

Clinical Technology (BSc Clinical Technology)

  • KT3700 Bioinformatics

Life Science & Technology (LST)

  • LB2291 Bioinformatics


Computer Science (MSc CS)

  • CS4250 Selected Topics in Molecular Biology

  • CS4255 Algorithms for sequence-based Bioinformatics

  • CS4176 Algorithms for network-based bioinformatics

  • CS4260 Machine Learning in Bioinformatics

  • CS4329 Recent topics in bioinformatics

  • IN4306 Literature Survey

Nanobiology (with Erasmus MC)

  • NB4040 Biology of Cancer


  • Pattern Recognition (BioSB)
  • Erasmus MC MolMed course: Gene expression data analysis using R: How to make sense out of your RNA-Seq/microarray data Databases & Cytoscape (
  • BioTech Delft Postgraduate Education: Advanced Course Genomic in Industrial Biotechnology
  • FOS course Molecular Epidemiology in Ageing research