Eric Meester

Nuclear imaging of inflammation to detect atherosclerosis        

Eric Meester
Male, 28
PhD candidate  EMC

I am a driven scientist who strongly believes that science needs its ‘ivory tower’ to function, yet considers proper communication to both peers and society crucial to its existence. Translation of research findings to clinical applicability is therefore a main focus of my research, whereas I aim for transparency and education to the layman via ancillary activities. As such I think a good scientist should strive for impact in research and society, and develop a broad skillset to achieve these goals. My path towards these goals brought me from Leiden University, where I studied Biology with internships in epigenetics and behaviour; statistics; and cardiac development, to the PhD project I am currently working on in the Erasmus MC. Here, I focus on improving the detection and diagnosis of atherosclerosis via novel nuclear imaging methods. Outside of work, I have been a teacher, I try to communicate science to the layman via science café and theatre shows, and recharge myself in nature.

FameLab entry reasons
To learn more about popular science communication, and to help people understand science.