Javanshir Fouladvand

"Mind-blowing ideas about our near future: Future energy systems; This is not only about technology" 

Javanshir Fouladvand
Male, 28 
PhD Candidate TU Delft
Socio-technical energy systems

Javanshir Fouladvand is a PhD candidate at Energy and Industry Section of Technology, Policy and Management faculty. He obtained his Master’s degree in Environmental and Energy Management (MEEM) at University of Twente in the Netherlands and his Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering from University of Tehran in Iran. He worked as research assistant at University of Tehran. He also worked as energy consultant and energy system designer in Iran and the Netherlands.

Javanshir research focuses on the formation and survival of energy communities. Energy communities have three main components: sustainable energy technology at the local level, involved stakeholders and related institutions. His current work involves conceptualizing, modelling and assessing these three main components in order to provide energy security for energy communities and understand formation and survival of thermal energy communities.

He is also a photographer.

FameLab entry reasons 
I like to share my ideas with broad audience and I believe this can be done through FameLab. Also, I think this is a great opportunity to develop my personal skills.