Sustainability Label & Subsidy

Every year, GreenTU awards the Sustainability Label, ranking the sustainability efforts of student organisations at and around TU Delft. We also award a subsidy to help student organisations achieve sustainable solutions. Read more about these and how to apply below.

GreenTU Sustainability Label

The Sustainability Label is a checklist that can be used to measure how sustainable a student organization is. The idea arose from the acknowledgement that all parties of the university need to take action to tackle the climate crisis. As associations affiliated with the university play a big part in setting an example for the students, it is important that they also strive for a more sustainable university and thus society. If you decide to fill out the checklist and send it to GreenTU you might be awarded a label in recognition of your efforts.

Important dates

03-02-2023: Label application (let us know that you are participating!)
17-04-2023: Deadline to submit label
01-05-2023: Feedback in between
Week of 22-05-2023: Label Award presentation 

GreenTU Subsidy

When a sustainable solution is sought, it usually comes with a price tag. Unfortunately, sometimes sustainable solutions can be more expensive than their conventional alternative. To be able to omit this difference, Green TU offers a sustainability subsidy for student organizations. The goal of the program is to bridge the gap between a conventional solution and a sustainable solution. And by doing so, making the ambition to become more sustainable more accessible.

Important dates

03-02-2023: Subsidy application (let us know that you are participating)
20-02-2023: 1st subsidy deadline (submit the first version of the application)
13-03-2023: Receive feedback on your 1st request
17-03-2023: Final subsidy submission deadline
Week of 27-03-2023: Result subsidy application