Integrated Technologies

Integrating Technologies is about breaking down barriers between promising technological solutions and their actual use in the health-care process. It is as much about bridging the gap between a university-developed prototype and the wish of industry to have it clinically tested before developing it into a medical device, as it is about focussing our research on those fundamental aspects that are expected to bring about the big health innovations twenty years from now.

It is also about redesigning healthcare such that it can cater to each patient’s unique medical needs with a patient-individual Health Journey. A challenge the TU Delft design disciplines are eager and capable to pick up.

Lastly, it is about a systemic change towards fast-track innovations. Even for proven technology it is currently difficult to claim its rightful place in a fragmented healthcare system traversed by myriad Health Journeys.

All of this is accelerated by the recent convergence between TU Delft, Erasmus MC and Erasmus University.

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"In the end there is a solution for everything."

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There are numerous funding sources available for your research activity: from personal-, national- and international grants to funds for publishing and dissemination which are described in your grant proposal

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TU Delft has many research facilities. Most of these facilities are accessible and available for externalusers: users from other departments, faculties, universities, colleges, but also from companies. Our facilities are an important element of the regional innovation ecosystem. By sharing research facilities with internal and external parties we stimulate cooperation and aim for new scientific and economic opportunities.