Towing Tank No. 1


142.00 m 


4.22 m

Max water depth

2.50 m


Manned, motor driven (in 2008 refitted with new motors and drive system with laser aided positioning)

Max carriage speed

7.00 m/s


Horizontal and Vertical PAM can be fitted

Wavemaker type

Flap type, electronic/hydraulic


0.30 - 6.00 m, regular and irregular waves

Tests performed

Resistance in calm water and waves

Motions and accelerations of fast ships in waves

Open water propeller tests

PAM-test on floating and submerged bodies, foils etc

Forced oscillations in six degrees of freedom

Wave induced motions and loads on ships and floating and moored structures

Slamming phenomena

Upright and heeled sailing yacht tests

Feasability studies for design concepts