Tools & Facilities

  •  -- A discrete simulation package that supports the accepted process approach of logistic modeling and puts no restrictions in the simulation design.
  • Inter terminal transport -- A set of tools is available for generating realistic inter terminal transport flows at a per-container level in and around the Port of Rotterdam
  • DEMLab --  The DEMLab consists of both physical setups and virtual setups (or simulation environment using DEM) for the simulation of bulk material handling.
  • Material Characterization Lab -- A set of tests is available for the characterization of bulk materials. These tests include angle of repose tests, a shearcell tester and penetration tests.
  • AGV Lab -- Several types of AGVs are available for research regarding complex transport systems with intelligent AGVS.
  • Belt conveyor laboratory -- this lab contains facilities of: belt conveyor test rig, troughability test, pipe conveyor static test, belt vibration analysis, smart idlers, idler roll stress profile test rig
  • RFID Research and Realisation Laboratory
  • Mechanism -- Set of computer programs developed for aiding design of mechanisms. To assist in reading or writing publications concerning mechanisms, the specific terminology of the International Federation of Mechanism and Machine Science is online available.