Welcome to the website of the PME laboratory! The PME laboratory provides facilities and support for PME students, masters, PhD's and staff. If planning allows it, limited support is also provided for non-PME activities.

Technical support staff

Technical support is provided by several technical staff members. They provide engineering advice and expertise, help build experimental setups, support measurements and organise lab infrastructure and safety. Our office is located at 34.F-1-290. Normally we are busy in one of the labs building setups, testing or providing support. We provide lab support to PME related activities and maintain the PME lab infrastructure. The easiest way to contact us:

  • Send an E-mail
  • Use our walk in service at 13.00 daily (only for short requests/questions)

Lab Technician

Alex van den Bogaard

Lab Technician

Bradley But

Lab Technician

Gideon Emmaneel

Assistant lab coordinator and Lab technician

Patrick van Holst

Lab coordination, design support, CAD

Rob Luttjeboer

Lab Technician

Spiridon van Veldhoven

PME labspaces and equipment

The lab is equipped with equipment ranging from simple to high end.
Examples of available  equipment are.: SEM Jeol 6010LA with EDS and electrical feedthroughs for MEMS applications, White light interferometer Bruker K1, Horiba Raman spectroscope with motorized stage, Atomic force microscope, Nanosurf Polytec MSA400 laser vibrometer for MEMS, Idonus infrared microscope, IDT high speed stereoscopic camera system and many others.
This equipment is organised through our online equipment database where information can be acquired like specs, usage documentation, status, administrators, maintenance, reservations, trained users, etc.

All lab spaces are generally equipped with access control, compressed air, vacuum, 400V and 230V power, temperature and moisture logging, network connections and wifi.

  • Cleanroom: ISO class 7 cleanroom , moisture controled, temperature controlled, equipped with wetbench, SEM, gold coater, IR microscope, probe station, AFM, Laser vibrometer
  • Micro Nano Engineering Lab: Low dust lab with UV filtered area, safety bench, crossflow bench, nano carbon facility, fluorecence microscopy, AFM, nano robotics, air balanced anti vibration table plasma cleaner, vacuum oven
  • Optics Lab: Large low dust temperature and moisture controlled lab equipped with multi class laser shielding, air balanced optical tables, raman spectroscopy, white light interferometry, digital microscopy and limited gases infrastructure
  • Deposition Lab: Lab with gases and high vacuum infrastructure equipped with thin film, diamond, DLC and CVD graphene deposition setups and safety bench
  • Mechatronics Lab: Lab with equipped with control/ passive and active vibration isolated tables measuring equipment e.g. control racks, Dspace, lock-in amplifiers, oscilloscopes, filters, high-end sensors etc.
  • Chemistry Lab: Lab for general chemistry equipped with fumehood, chemistry storage, Metrohm autolab, 18Mohm water unit
  • Other General Use Labs: Remaining lab spaces are for experiments that do not require special infrastructure. It is is however mostly possible to provide local experimental infrastructure from stock