English language

In most parts of the Netherlands you can easily communicate and interact with native people in English. If you are planning to pursue an academic position, follow a new educational programme or work in an international company, it is better to improve your English proficiency. This can help you to feel more comfortable in a job position and integrate better in the Netherlands. You may also want to improve or refresh your English skills before you start to learn Dutch.

English language courses

There are several effective ways to develop your English language skills. If you are interested in one of the resources below, please follow the enrolment instructions provided by the webpage or contact the provider directly.


  • TU Delft - English Language course at the Centre for Languages and Academic Skills.
    TU Delft facilitates English language courses accessible for employee and their partners. As an employee there are several options to improve your proficiency. Take a look at English for lectures and English for non-teaching staff. For partners, the Conversational English is available. The options TU1 and TU2 are based on an intermediate level and the conversational option is a general English level. For further details or questions contact Ingrid Rensen.
  • Erasmus Rotterdam – Language & Training Centre. They offer courses for Academic English for levels B2.1, B2.2 and C1.1,  and summer courses. Regular language courses are offered 3 times per year and intake is needed to receive a course advice. Read more.
  • Leiden University – Academic Language Centre. You can find a wide range of English courses from intermediate to advanced levels. Read more
  • British Language Training Centre (BLTC) Located in the heart of Amsterdam and an authorised Cambridge English Exam Centre and they follow the IELTS evaluation system. Read more.
  • Kickstart School. Language school is based in The Hague and offers Dutch, English and  other languages courses. It also provides options from elementary to ad hoc courses for language certification. Read more
  • English Voice Academy. This is a private school funded by Roya Caviglia, one of the members of Delft mama. There are English courses for adults, children and help for multilingual families. Read more.

English language practice

  • TU Delft - Tandem language project. Tandem Delft hosts a platform for students and other interested people within Delft to meet with native speakers from all around to put their knowledge into practice; improve their skills and in return teach someone else your own native language. Join the Facebook group.
  • Meetup. Via this webpage you can connect with people, make friends and explore your interests. The language options include Dutch, English, and more. There are several Meetup groups in the Netherlands including Amsterdam, The Hague & Rotterdam. Read more.
  • App’s
    • Duolingo is a well know app where you can learn at your own pace. Read more.
    • Babbel helps you to create a course adjusted to your needs. Read more.

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