Massive Integration of Renewable Energy Sources

Project Description

The goal of the protection part of the  Migrate project is:

  • to provides a detailed insight into the ability of actual protection practices to deal under system disturbances when very hugh penetration of power electronics is used in future power systems. For this reason, simulations with Hardware in the Loop (HiL) tests will take place. 
  • to evaluate and test emerging technologies together with new system protection strategies and develop new ones in order to overcome the identified threats when operating at 100% of PE penetration.
  • to give recommendations related to the design of protection schemes for future power systems with very high penetration of power electronics   

Major tasks in this project are:

  • Accurate models and developing a banchmark for desktop protection studies and HiL tests in RTDS environment
  • Assessment of the existing protection functions/solutions under high PE penetration
  • Development and testing of new protection solutions when reaching 100% PE penetration
  • Developing a new proof of concept for with a real protection equipment.

The partners involved in this project are:

  • Spanish and French TSOs, REE and RTE
  • Schneider Electric
  • Elering
  • TU Delft, CIRCE (University of Saragosa) and the University of Manchester

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Project Team:

An energy system in transition is like flying in an airplane whilst changing components during the flight and still keeping the airplane up in the air Mart van der Meijden