Data & Society in the Energy Transition

26 maart 2021 16:00 t/m 17:00 - Locatie: Zoom - Door: Social Innovation in the Energy Transition | Zet in mijn agenda


The energy transition is not just about technologies. It’s a transformation that is cultural, psychological and economical. Above all, it creates a vast amount of new data: New load profiles, the rise of prosumers, the uptake of electric vehicles, the addition of storage, and the like.
Historically, data has been siloed and held in separate operational systems, without embedding it in society at large, and with limited integration of end-users needs. In fostering the interaction between data, technology and society, this webinar will focus, on how data experimentation and governance can improve knowledge and support public and private decisions to achieve ambitious climate goals. While the opportunities are endless, so are the challenges. In this webinar, two speakers from TNO Policy & Strategy, Devin Diran and Tara Geerdink, will address data-driven methods to support a socially inclusive energy transition, answer what role AI and machine learning will play, and give insights into the added values for municipalities, stakeholders and citizens of such an approach. They will additionally discuss factors that should be in place to achieve the social potential of a data driven energy transition.


Devin Diran

Devin Diran is Scientist Innovator at TNO Strategy & Policy, within the field of the energy transition and digitalization. Devin has a background in Complex Systems Engineering & Management and Transport Infrastructure & Logistics at TU Delft. Coming from a country among the top-10 most threatened by climate change, he is driven to have an impact in realizing the energy transition in the Netherlands and eventually globally.
Innovation in thermal and electricity system integration, a socially inclusive energy transition and the fair and responsible role of digitalization in the energy transition are his area of expertise. He is involved in various projects to contribute in the advancement of the knowledge in aforementioned fields of expertise and to apply that knowledge to accelerate the energy transition in the Dutch built environment.


Tara Geerdink

Tara Geerdink is advisor at TNO’s Strategy and Policy department since 2013. Stimulating and organising result driven collaboration between different parties with diverse interests and expertise in the climate and energy domain, has been her driving force for the last 8 years. She has experience with designing innovative solutions for complex societal issues through knowledge integration, leading multi-stakeholder collaborations and evaluating, organizing and facilitating complex multi-stakeholder processes in the domains: energy and climate. Tara currently leads the Policy Lab project, applying the data driven Policy Lab method to support municipalities with data for policy making. She is also involved in the development of the novel Societal Embeddedness Level (SEL) Methodology, to accelerate and improve successful realization of a new technological innovation in society, SEL is currently applied to CCS in the ACT DigiMon project.