Key partners of our platform can be found within Delft University of Technology and outside of this university. Key internal partners are the Urban Energy Institute and the TPM Energy Transition Lab. Key external partners include Drift at Erasmus University Rotterdam, Energie Samen, TNO, Platform 31, and WRR.

TU Delft Urban Energy Institute

The TU Delft Urban Energy Institute is one of the four large energy pillars of the TU Delft Energy Initiative. It addressed major research challenges that need to be addressed to achieve the energy transition in the Netherlands. In nearly all faculties of Delft University of Technology relevant research is carried out, from in-depth technical research via integrated approaches connecting all expertise to assessment methods needed for decision making. The social innovation platform is also part of the TU Delft Urban Energy Institute.

TPM Energy Transition Lab

At the Faculty of TPM the Energy Transition Lab is an experimental lab with the ambition to perform innovative and interdisciplinary research on the development of new approaches, methods and tools for fostering an effective, fair, legitimate energy transition. From various perspectives and with various (multi)methods, TPM Energy Transition Lab studies behavior in and design of the energy transition. The TPM Energy Transition Lab aims to develop out-of-the-box, high risk activities that connect TPMs researchers and strengthens the position of energy transition research at TPM and TU Delft.