‘Aero- and hydrodynamics’, ‘Biomechanics, Materials and Human Material Interaction’, ‘Measurement, Feedback and Simulation’, ‘Motivation and persuasion to compete in sports, play and exercise’ and â€˜Sports Infrastructure and facilities’.

These are the five research subjects, the directions in which scientific research relating to top-level sports at TU Delft is currently being conducted, and on the potential application of new research areas.

The focus will be mainly on designing sports products aimed at improving sporting performance during events, reducing the risk of injury, and to improve training. Besides innovative products, improvements in resistance characteristics, power transfer and efficiency can also help to improve top-level sporting performance. Crucial to the design process is a sound analysis of posture, movement, and learning and adaptation processes and the role the product plays in the interaction between the athlete and his or her environment.

Interdisciplinary collaborations

The TU Delft Sports Engineering Institute aims to create intensive interdisciplinary collaborations between researchers of the faculties 3mE, IO, LR, EWI and BK. It will give Delft a unique position as the most engineering oriented university in the field of sports research, combining the broad fundamental knowledge of these engineering faculties.  

The TU Delft Sports Engineering Institute aims to bring about joint collaborations, by bringing together researchers both based on their research expertise (eg. Aero- and hydrodynamics, biomechanics, product design) as well as in multidisciplinary sport-related projects (eg. Rowing, Cycling, Swimming, children’s play, etc). This multidisciplinary approach will lead to unique scientific output in the various fields of research.