Sports Engineering Institute

What do top-level sports and technology have to do with each other? Everything! Top-level sport is extremely demanding, and not just in physical terms. In order to keep on improving their performances, top-level athletes need to look beyond just their physical capacities; they need to think about clothing and equipment, materials and design.

Can it be made faster, higher, with less drag? These are just the kind of questions TU Delft can provide answers to.

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TU Delft Sports Engineering Institute is a Certified Partner of SportInnovator. Sportinnovator is The Netherlands’ leading sports innovation network and aims to increase the effectiveness of sports innovations and contribute to a more vital society. In a nationwide network of about 20  SportInnovator centres, sport organisations, the business community, knowledge institutions and government bodies work together on groundbreaking innovations that increase sports participation, enhance performance in top and recreational sports and also encourage people to adopt a more active lifestyle. Data analytics platform Sport Data Valleycontributes to these goals as well. Sportinnovator is an initiative of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport and is supported by ZonMw